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As a registered patent attorney with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, we assist in procuring patents in a number of technologies and arts from simple mechanical devices (e.g., garments, animal leashes, etc.) to complex technologies including software apps, medical devices, contraceptive devices, computer hardware, artificial intelligence, ad-tech, fin-tech, cryptocurrency and silicon wafer annealing devices.

Did you know the difference between a provisional patent application and a non-provisional patent application? We encourage you to check out the 2 minute video below:


A special note regarding software inventions : The firm has a very good track record in obtaining software patents. Patenting software related arts can be complicated in a post- Alice world. However, with our due diligence and impressive lawyer-ing skills our software patent attorney has successfully obtained software patents for our clients in USPTO departments that have repeatedly rejected (and refused to grant) over 95% patent applications. More about subject matter eligibility guidelines are available at USPTO's website.

Patent attorney Rohit has created an extensive frequently asked questions database. You are encouraged to review the answers before contacting any patent attorney.

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