AT&T Billing After Service Cancellation

It has come to our attention that AT&T is billing customers for the whole month after cancellation of service (after expiration of the yearly contract).  Upon further query, customer service will refer you to its terms and conditions to justify AT&T’s unfair and unethical business practices. We believe such terms of service are illegal and unconscionable especially since these are buried deep in the fine print and customers are not clearly informed about such practices. Furthermore, we also believe that once a contract term is over, AT&T cannot forcefully bind customers on essentially what seems to have become a month-to-month contract. Their service is not equivalent to a lease on a rental apartment. Just like any other good or service, customers should have the right to stop their internet/ TV service at any time after their initial contracts expire.

Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash

Let’s stop this unethical practice

Chhabra Law Firm is seeking plaintiffs to instantiate a class action lawsuit against AT&T for their unethical and unconscionable business practice. While each individual customer may be losing a few hundred dollars, with millions of subscribers, AT&T has been swindling tens of millions of dollars at the expense of innocent customers. This practice must be stopped. By being a plaintiff in this lawsuit you will be helping not only yourself, but millions of other innocent customers who have been subject to unfavorable conditions due to corporate greed. We will represent you at no upfront costs or charges to you.


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