Cheap patent lawyer

Cheap patent lawyers are problematic. But you want a patent cheap? Or free? First off, you need to realize, patents are a monopoly–the right to prevent someone else from copying your invention. And monopolies are not cheap. At least not in capitalistic America! If there’s money to be made, people find a way around. Yep! People are smart!  So, if you are looking for a cheap patent lawyer, you’ll probably find one that will not be able to deliver you the monopoly you desire. A smart lawyer would find a way to overcome your invention– How do we know? We do it for a living! Everyday!

So what is the alternative? — The new poor man’s patent.

We have created the best alternative that can assist you receive quality without hiring the services of a cheap patent lawyer. The alternative is our new patent application generator. The system is absolutely free to use. As long as you can describe the invention and write about it, our system will automatically complete all required formalities in compliance with us patent laws. It will automatically pre-fill all government forms, formats your disclosure and drawings according to US patent laws and provides you instructions on how to file your application by yourself.

But wait … where’s the catch?

There is none! We created this tool predominantly as an educational tool after numerous inventors fell into the cheap patent scam. We want you to succeed, even if you cannot hire a reputable patent attorney. We do not market your information or even look at it. In fact, the system automatically deletes your information once the application is generated. Unless you reach out to seek our services, no one from the firm will ever contact you for any purpose, whatsoever.

We wish you the best at your future endeavors and hope you stay away from the cheap patent lawyer you found online.