Section 608.02(w) Drawing Changes Which May Be Made Without Applicant’s Annotated Sheets

Where an application is ready for issue except for a slight defect in the drawing not involving change in structure, the examiner will prepare a letter to the applicant indicating the change to be made and may include a marked-up copy of the drawing showing the addition or alteration to be made. The marked-up copy of the drawing should be attached to the letter to the applicant made of record in the application file.

As a guide to the examiner, the following corrections are illustrative of those that may be suggested without requiring annotated sheets from the applicant:

  • (A) Adding two or three reference characters or exponents.
  • (B) Changing one or two numerals or figure ordinals.
  • (C) Removing superfluous matter.
  • (D) Adding or reversing directional arrows.
  • (E) Changing Roman Numerals to Arabic Numerals to agree with specification.
  • (F) Adding section lines or brackets, where easily executed.
  • (G) Changing lead lines.
  • (H) Correcting misspelled legends.