1002.02 Delegation of Authority To Decide Petitions [R-07.2015]

Petitions to the Director of the USPTO are decided in accordance with the following delegation of authority.

In any case in which the authority to decide the petition has been delegated as indicated in MPEP §§ 1002.02(b), 1002.02(f), 1002.02(g), 1002.02(j), 1002.02(o), and 1002.02(p), a denial of a petition is a final agency decision. A dismissal of a petition, a denial of a petition without prejudice, and other interlocutory orders are not final agency decisions.

In accordance with 37 CFR 1.181(g), the authority to decide petitions to the Director of the USPTO not otherwise delegated, has been delegated to various Office officials. Generally, these officials will decide petitions as specified in the following sections for the effective operation of the Office. Also listed are certain petitions which are not, strictly speaking, to the Director of the USPTO but have been committed by statute or rule to the designated officials.

The delegation of specific petitions and/or matters to the Technology Center (TC) Directors is identified in the sections below. Unless specifically provided for in the letter of delegation of authority, further delegations are not permitted. Any petitions and/or matters so delegated by the TC Directors may be decided by the TC Directors.

Authority not herein delegated has been reserved to the Director of the USPTO and may be delegated to appropriate officials on an ad hoc basis.