1306.02 Simultaneous Issuance of Patents [R-08.2012]

Where applications have been allowed and a Notice of Allowance and Fee(s) Due (PTOL-85) has been mailed in each application, a request for simultaneous issuance will be granted. Unless all the applications have reached this stage of processing, or a specific requirement of the regulations is involved (e.g., 37 CFR 1.177), a request for simultaneous issuance generally will not be granted.

Applicants and their attorneys who desire the simultaneous issue of allowed applications must submit the request to: Mail Stop Issue Fee, Commissioner for Patents, P.O. Box 1450, Alexandria, VA 22313-1450, Attention: Office of Patent Publication.

The request must contain the following information about each allowed application for which simultaneous issue is requested:

  • (A) Application number,
  • (B) Filing date,
  • (C) Name(s) of inventor(s),
  • (D) Title of invention, and
  • (E) Date of allowance.

Separate copies of the request must accompany each Fee(s) Transmittal (PTOL-85B).

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