1504.01(b) Design Comprising Multiple Articles or Multiple Parts Embodied in a Single Article [R-08.2012]

While the claimed design must be embodied in an article of manufacture as required by 35 U.S.C. 171, it may encompass multiple articles or multiple parts within that article. See Ex parte Gibson, 20 USPQ 249 (Bd. App. 1933). When the design involves multiple articles, the title must identify a single entity of manufacture made up by the parts (e.g., set, pair, combination, unit, assembly). A descriptive statement should be included in the specification making it clear that the claim is directed to the collective appearance of the articles shown. If the separate parts are shown in a single view, the parts must be shown embraced by a bracket “}”. The claim may also involve multiple parts of a single article, where the article is shown in broken lines and various parts are shown in solid lines. In this case, no bracket is needed. See MPEP § 1503.01.