1843.04 Procedure for Claims Not Required To Be Searched and for Claims That Are Unclear [R-07.2015]

The International Searching Authority (ISA) may declare that a meaningful search cannot be carried out with respect to some of the claims only and/or that only certain claims relate to subject matter which the ISA is not required to and has decided not to search. Where only some of the claims will not be searched, the ISA searches the remaining claims of the international application. Any unsearched claims and the reasons why those claims have not been searched are indicated in Box No. II of the international search report (Form PCT/ISA/210).

If the examiner determines that none of the claims will be searched, the examiner declares that no search report will be established using Form PCT/ISA/203. The lack of the international search report will not, in itself, have any influence on the validity of the international application and the latter’s processing will continue, including its communication to the designated Offices.

If the international application cites a document that is not published or otherwise not accessible to the ISA and the document appears essential to a correct understanding of the invention to the extent that a meaningful international search would not be possible without knowledge of the content of that document, the ISA may postpone the search and request that the applicant first provide first a copy of the document, if possible to do so within the time limits for the preparation of the international search report of the ISA under the PCT. If no copy of the document is received, the ISA should first attempt to carry out the international search and then, if necessary, indicate that no meaningful search could be carried out in total or that the search needed to be restricted.

The ISA establishes the written opinion of the International Searching Authority (Form PCT/ISA/237) at the same time it establishes either the international search report (Form PCT/ISA/210) or the declaration of non-establishment of the international search report (Form PCT/ISA/203). However, if the ISA determines that for any or all claims (A) the international application relates to subject matter for which it is not required to establish a written opinion concerning novelty, inventive step and industrial applicability, (B) the description, claims, or drawings, are so unclear, or the claims are so inadequately supported by the description, that no meaningful opinion can be formed on the novelty, inventive step, or industrial applicability, of the claimed invention, or (C) the subject matter of the claims relates to inventions for which no international search report will be established, the ISA indicates, in Box No. III of the written opinion of the International Searching Authority (Form PCT/ISA/237), that no opinion with regard to novelty, inventive step or industrial applicability will be established with regard to those claims. In most instances it will be sufficient for the examiner to (A) indicate that no international search report has been established for the relevant claims as the reason for not establishing an opinion on novelty, inventive step, and industrial applicability and (B) refer to the international search report or declaration of non-establishment of the international search report for further details.