2422.09 Box Sequence; Hand Delivery of Sequence Listings and Computer Readable Forms [R-07.2015]

To facilitate administrative processing of all papers and compact discs associated with sequence rule compliance, all computer readable forms, compact discs, fees, and papers accompanying them filed in the Office should be marked “Box SEQUENCE.”

Correspondence relating to the sequence rules may also be hand-delivered to the Customer Service Window. In cases of hand delivery to the Customer Service Window, the computer readable form should be placed in a protective mailer labeled with at least the application number, if available. The labeling requirements of 37 CFR 1.52(e) and 1.824(a)(6) must also be complied with. The use of staples and clips, if any, should be confined to carefully attaching the mailer to the submitted papers without contact or compression of the media. In no situations should additional or complimentary electronic copies be delivered to examiners or other Office personnel.