903.05 Addition, Deletion, or Transfer of U.S. Patents and U.S. Patent Application Publications [R-08.2012]

Requests for addition, deletion, or transfer of official copies of U.S. patents and U.S. patent application publications may be carried out by using the Patent Post Publication Classification Manager and the PGPub Post Publication Classification Manager, which are available online from the Classification Home Page under the heading Patents, their Classifications and Locations. The Classification Home Page is accessible from the desktop via the Patent Examiner’s Toolkit.

Using these tools, examiners can request the following transactions:

  • (A) Add any classification(s) from the U.S. Patent Classification system as a cross-reference (XR) classification to a patent or a secondary classification to a patent application publication.
  • (B) Delete XR classification(s) or secondary classification assigned to the Technology Center (TC) of the person requesting the deletion.
  • (C) Change original classifications (ORs) or primary patent application publication classification to a classification in the TC of the person requesting the change.
  • (D) Add or delete any International Patent Classification system (IPC) classification to a patent.