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The first step to patent of an idea involves filing a provisional patent application which holds your invention date in a queue for one year. A provisional application is never examined by the patent office and needs to be followed up with subsequent non-provisional application. In this regard, some consider a provisional application as a “place holder,” that is, by itself you cannot assert any rights from a provisional application, but you can take advantage of the filing date (that is, the date from which you are considered as the rightful inventor of the invention). A provisional application also prevents others from claiming your invention as theirs since it documents your filing date as the date of your invention.

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After  you file a provisional application, you can disclose the invention to the public and start seeking funding to mature your innovative rights. However, you can only avail the benefits of a provisional application if it is drafted correctly. Often, the cheap services available online would not care if your application drafted correctly, and would simply go ahead and file the application awarding you a patent application number. Unfortunately, this is false security, and in most cases (if not all), one will land up losing their patent rights by such filing.

The proper solution to patent an idea might be cheaper than you expected.

One should always avail the services of a reputable patent attorney or agent to assist them with drafting a proper patent application. To lower your out of pocket costs, you can initiate the process by using our 100% free patent application generator  which automatically completes all government forms, formats the invention disclosure and drawings pursuant to US patent laws. This system  can educate inventors on what needs to be done to safeguard their innovative rights. To assist you better, the system  enforces a minimum word limit which would force you to flesh out details of your invention. For instance, a common mistake made by inventors when preparing their drafts is that they do not realize a 1-2 page invention disclosure is not enough to successfully protect your innovative rights. Our system helps inventors do the “heavy lifting” themselves which can significantly reduce legal fees, since the documents generated by the system reduces the time and effort  spent by the attorney working on your matter.

Our free patent application generator is available at No Credit Card/Payment/Commitment Needed. Enjoy.