How much detail would you need from me to draft my application?


You’ll need to provide as much information as you reasonably can.

Step 1. Identify the unique aspect of your invention

As an inventor you should always proceed methodically. First write down what is the unique character of your invention — the feature that deserves a patent.

Step 2. How is the identified aspect implemented — that is, how are you implementing the invention?

Your answer will need to include all relevant details, including flow charts, diagrams, etc.

Outputs/ results, black-box implementations, or presuming a computer or device can automatically do this because you commanded it to do so, have no meaning. Naturally, if you don’t know how to implement the invention, at least in theory, then it is a mere idea, and ideas by themselves are not patentable.

Step 3. Have you explained in enough detail so that your invention can be replicated by reading your disclosure WITHOUT needing any guess work or decision making?

If your answer is YES — Stop; send it to your attorney.

If your answer is NO — go back to question 2 and flesh out more details.