Patent Legal Fee Schedule

Please note the table below only provides an estimated fee. For a more accurate quote, please request a customized quote.

Lately we have been hearing: "But 'xyz' charges less." We understand listing our fees gives our competition an upper hand. However, we are only looking for clients who respect our time and appreciate the quality of work we deliver. Remember, you get what you pay for. Sorry, no fee negotiations.

Category Sub-Category Legal Fee Gov. Fee
(small entity)
Provisional Patent Application Simple Invention (e.g., invention not requiring more than 5 pages of disclosure ) $1,650 (prep fee) + $250 (legal filing fee) - drawings provided by client $140
Medium complexity invention (e.g., invention not requiring more than 10 pages of disclosure) $2,500 (prep fee) + $250 (legal filing fee) - drawings provided by client
Complex invention (e.g., invention requiring more than 15 pages of disclosure $3,500 (prep fee) + $250 (legal filing fee) - drawings provided by client
Drawings prep fee (optional) $125 per sheet n/a
Utility (non-provisional) Patent Applications Mechanical/ Electrical (Initial Drafting/Filing) between $4,000-$7,000+ $785
Electronic/Computer/Software (Initial Drafting/Filing) between $6,000-$8,000+
Drawings (utility) $125 per sheet n/a
Issue Fee $500(flat fee) $500
Note regarding utility patent applications (initial prep): Legal fee is largely dependent on the disclosure you provide. A detailed initial disclosure by you saves us the time we need to prepare your application. Savings are passed on to you. Time-frame for utility application preparation is 6 weeks. For faster service/ rush job an additional fee of $1,500 applies.
PCT/Paris Convention - US National Stage Initial Filing from $850 $785
Design Patent Applications Initial Application preparation $1,100 (flat fee) $480
Professional Drawings $500 special flat rate for 7 views n/a
Issue Fee $500(flat fee) $350
Patent Search Mechanical Devices from $1,000 n/a
Computer/Electronic Device/ Software from $1,300 n/a
Note: Our patent searches are extensive and include searching national and international databases. Therefore, patent searches are only suggested prior to non-provisional filings.
Office Action Responses Restriction requirements, minor objections, and other simple responses $500(flat fee) n/a
35 USC 101/102/103 based rejections $1,600+ $0/$650/$950 (see notes below)
Gov. fees for office actions are mainly dependent on the stage at which the application is currently at. A non-final rejection does not require any gov. fee. A first final rejection requires a fee of $650 and a second final rejection requires $950 (as of Jan. 2018). Please read about the patent process to learn more about a first/ second final rejection.
Maintenance Fee Utility only $200 (flat fee) $800/$1800/$3700 for 3rd, 7th, and 11th years respectively
Patent Appeals Notice of Appeal $300(flat fee) $400
Pre-Appeal Brief At our hourly rate (no fee, but filed with notice of appeal)
Appeal Brief contact us $1,120 (due after examiner's response)
Oral hearing contact us $650 (due at the time of request for oral hearing)
Abandonment Revival of Unintentionally Abandoned Application $400(flat fee) $1,000
Revival of Intentionally Abandoned Application Not Permitted

For gov. fee only: Gov. fee quoted above is for small entity. For micro-entity (reduce) divide the small-entity gov. fee by 2, for large entity (increase) multiply the small-entity gov. fee by 2.