Patent Legal Fee Schedule

Please note the table below only provides an estimated fee. For a more accurate quote, please request a customized quote.

Category Sub-Category Legal Fee Gov. Fee
(small entity)
Provisional Patent Application All types of invention between $2,000-$3,500 $140
Utility (non-provisional) Patent Applications Mechanical/ Electrical (Initial Drafting/Filing) between $4,000-$8,000 $785
Electronic/Computer/Software (Initial Drafting/Filing) between $6,000-$9,500 $785
Drawings (utility) $50-$75 per sheet n/a
Issue Fee $500(flat fee) $500
Note regarding utility patent applications (initial prep): Legal fee is largely dependent on the disclosure you provide. A detailed initial disclosure by you saves us the time we need to prepare your application. Savings are passed on to you. Time-frame for utility application preparation is 6 weeks. For faster service/ rush job an additional fee of $1,500 applies.
PCT/Paris Convention - US National Stage Initial Filing from $850 $785
Design Patent Applications Initial Application preparation $1,100 (flat fee) $480
Drawings $100-$150 per sheet n/a
Issue Fee $500(flat fee) $350
Patent Search Mechanical Devices from $1,000 n/a
Computer/Electronic Device/ Software from $1,600 n/a
Note: Our patent searches are extensive and include searching national and international databases. Therefore, patent searches are only suggested prior to non-provisional filings.
Office Action Responses Restriction requirements, minor objections, and other simple responses $500(flat fee) n/a
35 USC 101/102/103 based rejections At our hourly rate $0/$650/$950 (see notes below)
Gov. fees for office actions are mainly dependent on the stage at which the application is currently at. A non-final rejection does not require any gov. fee. A first final rejection requires a fee of $650 and a second final rejection requires $950 (as of Jan. 2018). Please read about the patent process to learn more about a first/ second final rejection.
Maintenance Fee Utility only $200 (flat fee) $800/$1800/$3700 for 3rd, 7th, and 11th years respectively
Patent Appeals Notice of Appeal $300(flat fee) $400
Pre-Appeal Brief At our hourly rate (no fee, but filed with notice of appeal)
Appeal Brief contact us $1,120 (due after examiner's response)
Oral hearing contact us $650 (due at the time of request for oral hearing)
Abandonment Revival of Unintentionally Abandoned Application $400(flat fee) $1,000
Revival of Intentionally Abandoned Application Not Permitted

For gov. fee only: Gov. fee quoted above is for small entity. For micro-entity (reduce) divide the small-entity gov. fee by 2, for large entity (increase) multiply the small-entity gov. fee by 2.