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Novel Coronavirus, COVID-19, has caused havoc on society, yet organizations and businesses refuse to take reasonable measures to prevent the spread of this menace. It is unfortunate that politicians are refusing to listen to trained scientists or heed to their advice prior to setting policies to tackle the virus. For example, politicians across the country are intentionally (or unintentionally) spreading misleading information in an attempt to protect the local economy. Now there's a push to open up the economy. However, these shortsighted measures only protects the economy today, while making matters worse for tomorrow.

Myth: If people maintain social distancing (e.g., arm's length apart) and businesses limit the number of patrons, they (businesses) can open safely.

Coronavirus can transmit asymptotically, that is, without one knowing that they have the virus. The national academy of sciences has confirmed that the novel coronavirus can be transmitted through normal breathing.. Furthermore, according to the CDC, the virus is known to be transmitted through contaminated objects, like a counter-tops, tables, etc.

Therefore, simply because people are not showing symptoms or because the number of patrons in an establishment are limited, that does not mean one cannot get infected. If businesses need to open, it is their responsibility to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) to each of their patrons. These PPE are "personal," meaning they cannot be shared or reused. If you or or loved one was infected due to the negligence of a business or their failure to provide adequate PPE, please contact us for a free case evaluation.

What you need to know about COVID-19

While the Federal Government maintains that the COVID-19 is highly transmittable, it fails to focus on the possibility that healthy individuals, that is, those who show few to no symptoms, can transmit the virus to susceptible individuals (the elderly and those with underlying chronic conditions). Therefore, these healthy individuals can be indirectly responsible for the transmission of this deadly disease to a susceptible loved one and cause serious bodily harm to them.

In a video interview with UK based Channel 4 news, renowned virus expert, Dr. Richard Hatchett, explains how the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, can cause serious harm to the world population.

If you or your loved one has been infected by the COVID-19, due to negligence on part of local, county, state or federal government, or any business, restaurant, bar, hospital, day care center, nursing home, sports event/concert organizer, or hotel by their failure to take adequate steps to protect its patrons and/or employees, please contact Chhabra Law Firm ASAP.

Chhabra Law will get the justice you deserve at a no-win, no fee basis.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Coronavirus Lawsuit

Who can I sue?

You can sue any organization or business (e.g., restaurant, bar, hospital, day care center, nursing home, sports event/concert organizer, or hotel) if they failed to take adequate steps to protect you from contracting the virus.

I am not infected yet, but my employer refuses to close the business and I fear I may contact the virus and expose my family. Can you help me file a lawsuit?

Yes. Please contact us asap. We can assist you in filing a lawsuit against your employer if they are unnecessarily placing you in harms-way and causing distress.

What is no-win, no fee?

We will assist you on a contingency basis. You only pay our fees if we are able to get you a monetary award.

I am unemployed due to the Government's Coronavirus shelter-in-place directive. Can you help?

No, unfortunately we cannot. Please contact the EDD for further assistance.

What is considered lack of adequate measures or steps by a business or organization?

This can encompass a variety of factors. For example, if your county has recommended people to avoid coming within an arms length of each other, yet a business (e.g., bar, pub, night-club) fails to take necessary precautions to ensure such mitigating factors which results in the virus to spread, they can be held liable for failure to take adequate steps to protect people. This is just one example out of countless situations. In some situations the government (e.g., city ) under Gov. Code sections 815.2(a)/ 815.6 can be sued as well for their ministerial duties (operational decision) resulting in negligence in deciding how to enforce the law that has already been planned and thus causing you harm. Please contact us if you or your loved one has contracted the virus.

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