Why consider removing content online or from Google? Because online content that could, rightfully or wrongfully, infringe on your privacy has become ubiquitous. Whether people are considering hiring an employee, hiring a baby-sitter, or even a gardener, looking up the candidate’s name on search engines like Google is commonplace and expected. However, a problem occurs when one’s name has been falsely tarnished or is not representative of their character or behavior.

remove content online
Photo by Sergey Zolkin on Unsplash.com

This includes online content about you that makes any of the following allegations:

  • False #MeToo allegations
  • Old mugshots
  • News articles exaggerating or detailing police arrest reports
  • Cheating or public shaming websites
  • Displaying private information, including doxxing
  • Any other defamatory content

This service exists because (i) under the current legal paradigm, section 230 of the Communicate Decency Act prevents you from directly taking any legal action against the web-site host or other computer service that displays the offending content; and (ii) litigation is time-consuming and requires expending tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Want to Remove Content Online or From Google?

Chhabra Law can assist you with a multi-faceted non-litigation approach to remove content online or from Google and other search engines by doing one or more of the following:

  1. We can send the author a “cease and desist” or “request to remove content” letter on your behalf.
  2. We can request the hosting site to use a de-index tag to prevent the article from being indexed by search engines.
  3. We can request Google to remove the offending site if it violates their policies.
  4. We can, through our partner services, attempt to suppress the offending content from showing on Google’s first page results. (We do not engage in third-party fee sharing practices, and remain compliant with State Bar rules at all times).

Note: We will first evaluate your matter to determine if this service is appropriate given the circumstance(s).

Also note: this non-litigation service is not appropriate if the offending post is considered “news-worthy” by any local, regional, or national newspaper (although you may contact us to determine your legal options).

How much Does it Cost?

As far as costs are concerned, our online content removal service packages generally start as low as $2,000. The fee is proportionate to the work we intend to perform, the complexity involved, and the likelihood of success. Since each case is different, you are invited to request a quote online for more details.