IP Litigation

Trademark Cease & Desist/ IP Litigation

Is someone bullying you into forgoing your trademark? Received a cease and desist letter? Or do you believe someone is infringing on your intellectual property rights? Want to send a cease-desist letter?

Chhabra Law can can assist you with all facets of IP ligation. We are in the business of protecting your Intellectual property rights. Whether it involves sending or responding to cease and desist letters or complex litigation matters, we strive to aggressively protect our intellectual property rights to the fullest.

If you received a cease and desist letter we strongly urge you to not respond directly to the originator of the letter. A cease and desist letter is often a prelude to litigation and thus any statements made by you while attempting to negotiate can be used against you. Let your attorney do the talking on your behalf.

Chhabra Law provides aggressive representation handling cease and desist or any other IP litigation related issue. We have a very good success rate in reaching acceptable solutions for our clients -- even in matters where imminent litigation was threatened by large law firms that were hired by the other party.

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