Chhabra Law specializes and focuses in patenting software related technologies. Our software patent attorney, Rohit Chhabra is a former applications developer/ programmer and understands the complexities involved in patenting software arts.  He has successfully procured numerous patents on behalf of his clients in technologies related to mobile apps, kernel security, augmented/ virtual reality, ad-tech, fin-tech, blockchain cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence, and network security. Rohit represents both domestic and international clients at the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Software Patent Attorney

Software Patent Attorney – Rohit Chhabra

 Along with a law degree, Rohit holds bachelors (2001) and masters (2005) degrees in Computer Science. Rohit has also formerly also worked as a network security analyst designing and securing network infrastructures for small businesses. Rohit has strong technological skills and has been programming since he was six years old.  He has extensive experience in object oriented programming and network security. As a Linux user and programmer, Rohit appreciates well written code that is efficient and has a small memory footprint.


Before starting his own practice in January 2015, Rohit was a patent lawyer at one of the top law firms in Silicon Valley, where he was extensively trained by one of the leading attorneys in patent prosecution and litigation support. His clients included tech giants located in Silicon Valley. Rohit takes immense pride in the work quality he delivers, and believes in forging a long lasting partnership with each of his clients. He is committed to diligently protect and/or fight for your intellectual property rights.


Despite been provided with the Alice  and Berkheimer Guidance Materials, USPTO Examiners often notoriously maintain subject matter eligibility based rejections for software inventions. However, with his specialized training and educational background in  computer science, Rohit’s recent achievements include successfully procuring numerous patents for his clients, including in USPTO departments that have  an over all 95% failure rate.



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