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USPTO Patent Fee Schedule 2018

The USPTO has published an increase in patent fees, effective  January 16, 2018 in its federal register.   The last time the USPTO issued a fee hike was in March 2013 when the America Invents Act became authoritative.  According to the USPTO, “[t]he fee adjustments are needed to provide the Office with a sufficient amount of...

The Provisional Patent – Addressing Misconceptions

  The first thing one needs to know is that there is no thing as a “provisional patent,” but rather the correct terminology is a “provisional patent application.” Why is this differentiation important? Because a patent, by itself, implies rights, and most people erroneously believe by submitting a provisional patent application they will automatically have...

Software Patents After Alice

Procuring software based patents have become a complicated task in a post-Alice world.  In 2014, for the first time, the U.S. Supreme Court invalidated software patents in the matter of  Alice Corporation Pty. Ltd. v. CLS Bank International (June 19, 2014) (or simply Alice). This case has resulted in a fair amount of commotion among...

What is the Process to Obtain a Patent?

The process to obtain  a utility patent can be confusing for non-lawyers. While not all aspects (like international filings, applications made special, expedited examination, etc.) are covered, this post attempts to simplify a rather complicated process. For patent protection in the US, an applicant can file a provisional utility patent application, a non-provisional utility patent...


Sample Patents

Our patent attorney has secured numerous inventions for our clients. Here are a few samples of our representative work.

Draft Provisional Patent by Yourself

This Do-It-Yourself (DIY) section is strictly for informational/ educational purposes only.

  • How to File a Provisional Patent Yourself

    Here are the steps to file a provisional patent application by yourself at the USPTO website are: 1. Go to the USPTO website, and hover over quick links at the right side of the page. 2. Select the second option ‘EFS-Web’ at the left side of the menu, or simply visit the following link...

  • How to Write a Provisional Patent Application by Yourself

     How to get patent pending without an attorney If you can’t afford a reputable patent attorney, you may attempt to draft and file a provisional patent application by yourself. While we cannot advise if it will be worth going this route, it is possible to attempt to secure your patent rights by filing a provisional...

  • Provisional Patent Example

    A provisional patent example template is provided free of cost, for personal use only. Please follow all the instructions provided on page 1 of the template. By using this template you agree to abide by the conditions provided in there. To write your disclosure, make sure you also follow all the instructions provided in our...

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