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How to Write a Detailed Disclosure for Your Patent Attorney in 3 Steps

New inventors often get confused with the “detailed disclosure” that they need to provide their attorneys to procure a meaningful patent. While the general tendency is to disclose as minimum as possible (fearing a competitor may copy or steal the idea if disclosed in detail ), such a mindset will most probably result in failure...

Design Application + Utility Application

Usually, inventors would either file a utility (provisional or non-provisional)  applications or a design applications. As a patent attorney, I’m asked the difference between the two almost everyday. For starters, you can read about the difference between a design v. utility patent applications here.  Design patents are often ignored by patent applicants (and their patent...

Software Patents After Alice

Procuring software based patents have become a complicated task in a post-Alice world.  In 2014, for the first time, the U.S. Supreme Court invalidated software patents in the matter of  Alice Corporation Pty. Ltd. v. CLS Bank International (June 19, 2014) (or simply Alice). This case has resulted in a fair amount of commotion among...

What is the Process to Obtain a Patent?

The process to obtain  a utility patent can be confusing for non-lawyers. While not all aspects (like international filings, applications made special, expedited examination, etc.) are covered, this post attempts to simplify a rather complicated process. For patent protection in the US, an applicant can file a provisional utility patent application, a non-provisional utility patent...


Our Work

Our patent attorney has secured numerous inventions for our clients. Here are a few samples of our representative work.

Provisional Patent Applications: DIY

This Do-It-Yourself (DIY) section is strictly for informational/ educational purposes only. Absolutely no warranties. Use at your own risk! You are strongly encouraged not to draft or file patent applications without seeking professional assistance.

  • Do-It-Yourself: Patent pending in $65

    You have an idea which you believe is the next million dollar idea?  While I’ll first address why you should not be searching for cheap patents professionals, I’ll then provide the steps to cheaply file a patent application by yourself in as low as $65 (that is, the gov. filing fee).  Why ‘Cheap Patents’ or...

  • Example Template: Provisional Patent Application

    Please follow all the instructions provided on page 1 of the template. By using this template you agree to abide by the conditions provided in there. To write your disclosure, make sure you also follow all the instructions provided in our Patent Pending in $65 post.   Once you have written your disclosure review it...

  • Filing a Provisional Patent Application by Yourself

    Here we provide instructions on how you can file a provisional patent application by yourself.   A step-by-step guide for filing a provisional patent application online at USPTO: 1. Go to and hover over patents at the top menu. 2. Under Tools and Links, select ‘About EFS-web’.  3. Select the second option titled ‘Launch...

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