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The Attorney

Software patent attorney Rohit Chhabra holds bachelor’s (2001) and master’s (2005) degrees in computer science. He is a former software developer who worked on complex Medicaid systems. Rohit has been practicing patent law at the USPTO since 2012, and has assisted clients with inventions related to mobile apps, augmented and virtual reality, ad-tech, fin-tech, blockchain, cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence, kernel level security, and network security related technologies.

Rohit has a deep understanding of software technology and a passion for innovation. He has helped his clients obtain patents in various domains, such as mobile apps, augmented and virtual reality, ad-tech, fin-tech, blockchain, cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence, kernel level security, and network security related technologies. He has also successfully appealed and defended software based patent applications before the USPTO. You can view some of his representative work on his patent portfolio page.

Rohit offers his services to clients in every U.S. state and region, as well as international clients located in Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy, India, Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Canada, Australia and Israel. He charges reasonable and competitive fees for his services, and offers flat fees for most patent prosecution matters.

Technical Background

Software patents are not like other types of patents. They involve abstract ideas, algorithms, data structures, user interfaces, and other aspects of software engineering that are not easily described or understood by someone without a relevant technical background. Therefore, you need a software patent attorney who has a degree in computer science or a related field, and preferably some experience as a software developer or engineer.

Software patents require a high level of technical and legal expertise, as well as a strategic approach to avoid common pitfalls and challenges. A qualified attorney is one who understands your invention, knows the latest developments in patent law, and can draft a strong and persuasive patent application that will withstand scrutiny from the USPTO and potential infringers.

Rohit is able to:

  • Understand your invention better and communicate with you more effectively
  • Write a clear and concise patent application that covers all the technical details and nuances of your invention
  • Anticipate and address potential rejections or objections from the USPTO based on prior art or patent eligibility issues

Experienced in Your Domain

Software is a broad and diverse field that encompasses many different domains, such as mobile apps, web applications, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, cybersecurity, gaming, and so on. Each domain has its own challenges, opportunities, and trends that affect the patentability and value of software inventions. Therefore, you need a software patent attorney who has experience in your specific domain and knows the current state of the art and the market demand for your invention.

Rohit is able to:

  • Identify the unique features and advantages of your invention
  • Conduct a thorough prior art search and avoid infringing on existing patents
  • Draft a patent application that highlights the novelty and usefulness of your invention
  • Advise you on the best patent strategy for your invention, such as whether to file a provisional or non-provisional application, whether to pursue a utility or design patent, and whether to seek domestic or international protection

A Track Record of Success

Software patents face a lot of scrutiny and challenges from the USPTO and the courts, especially after the landmark Alice v. CLS Bank decision in 2014 that tightened the standards for patent eligibility of software inventions. Therefore, you need an attorney who has a track record of success.

Rohit has a track record of success. He has:

  • The skills, knowledge, and experience to navigate the complex and evolving software patent landscape
  • The ability to overcome rejections and objections from the USPTO, appeal unfavorable decisions, and enforce and defend your patent rights in case of infringement or litigation
  • A portfolio of granted patents, which you can review and evaluate to see the quality and scope of his work.

An Attorney With Reasonable Fees

Software patents are not cheap. They involve a lot of time, effort, and resources to prepare and prosecute. Therefore, you need a software patent attorney who charges reasonable fees for their services. You don’t want to overpay for a patent that may not be worth it, or underpay for a patent that may not be valid or enforceable.

Rohit offers:

  • A transparent and fair pricing structure that reflects the value and complexity of your invention
  • Flexible payment options, such as flat fees, hourly rates, or contingency fees, depending on your preferences and circumstances
  • An estimate of the total cost of obtaining a patent, including the attorney fees, USPTO fees, and any other expenses

If you have a software invention that you want to protect with a patent, don’t hesitate to contact Rohit at Chhabra Law Firm. He will be happy to assist you with your patent needs and help you turn your invention into a valuable asset.