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software patent attorney
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Educational Qualifications

  • BS (Computer Science): 2001
  • MS (Computer Science): 2005
  • JD (Law): 2011


Rohit Chhabra predominantly focuses on inventions related to mobile apps, augmented and virtual reality, ad-tech, fin-tech, blockchain cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence, kernel level security, and network security related technologies.

He holds bachelors and masters degrees in computer science. Rohit worked as a software developer for a few years before graduating with a Juris Doctor degree to become a lawyer.

Rohit has strong technological skills. Owning his first computer, a ZX Spectrum , at the age of 6, programming came naturally to him. He has extensive experience in object oriented programming and network security.

An avid Linux user and programmer, Rohit appreciates well written code that is efficient and has a small memory footprint. He takes immense pride in the work quality he delivers, and believes in forging a long lasting partnership with each of his clients. He is committed to diligently protect and/or fight for your intellectual property rights.

From Applications Developer To Lawyer

Before becoming an software patent attorney, Rohit worked as a developer at EDS (acquired by Hewlett-Packard). While at EDS, he developed Medicaid applications for various state governments, including the (internal/backend) systems currently being used by the governments of Kentucky, Ohio, and Florida for processing Medicaid claims.

He has formerly also worked as a network security analyst designing and securing network infrastructures for small businesses.

Before starting his own practice, Rohit worked as an attorney at one of the top law firms in Silicon Valley, where he was extensively trained by one of the leading attorneys in patent prosecution and litigation support. He focused on patent prosecution, appeals, and litigation support, including, freedom-to-operate, due diligence, and infringement opinions. Rohit has represented technology giants like Apple and EMC.

Achievements & Success

Rohit has achieved success where others, including attorney from prestigious large law firms, have failed. His recent achievements include successfully procuring numerous patents for his clients in USPTO departments notoriously known for not granting patents and having an overall 95% failure rate.

In one instance, Rohit 'forced' a seasoned patent examiner to award a patent to his client by succeeding on pre-appeal (statistically an extremely rare feat). This is interesting because the seasoned examiner had previously NEVER awarded a patent to anyone throughout his career. Rohit, being an experienced software developer, credits his success due to his ability to "speak" technology in legal terms.

Since 2016, Rohit has continuously been ranked as a rising star by Super Lawyers, an ranking granted to less than 2.5 percent attorneys in each State in the the US. His clients include many startups both in the bay area and beyond.

Rohit is also the creator of a free patent application generator, available at Being an expert in object oriented programming, Rohit has built the system for speed with minimal memory requirements.

Patenting Software In 2019

Since the Alice v. CLS Bank International decision by the U.S. Supreme Court, patenting software based inventions has become complicated. Software patent applications now require technical sophistication as to how the system performs the proposed invention (not how things are perceived by end user or benefit the end user). For information about how to patent mobile apps we encourage you to review our post titled: How to Patent a Mobile App .

Although this post was written prior to the 2019 USPTO Revised Subject Matter Eligibility Guidance, this article still remains valid in the arena of business method software patents.

Your Questions, Answered!

By authoring the FAQ section, Rohit has provided a lot of information on patent law in general. This information is freely available at our FAQ section. We encourage you to visit the FAQ section (and select the software patents tab) to learn more about computer software and hardware inventions.

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