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Chhabra® Law is located in the downtown San Francisco, California. We assist our clients by partnering with them, learning their technology, understanding their businesses requirements and goals to protect their intellectual property rights. We understand shirking IP budgets in the bay area and the need to protect ones interests in an environment that fosters a negative impact on companies that do not have their intellectual property rights properly secured. Our attorney has been assisting client safeguard their interest for almost a decade. He assists business located in Silicon Valley and San Francisco to safeguard their IP rights and implements defensive strategies to protect your innovative rights should they be challenged in court.

Why Selecting the Right Patent Attorney Matters?

Cheap patent attorneys are easy to find on the internet. And we understand you have a plethora of options. Nonetheless, here's why you should choose us! IP law requires diligence and demands a meticulous attorney. While it may not be apparent immediately, even a small oversight can lead to significant problems in the future. Therefore, working with attorneys who are experts with these issues and providing advice can save time and money in the long run.

We have filed hundreds of applications at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. Obtaining and defending patents requires the help of a licensed patent attorney who can help you navigate through the cumbersome laws easily, explain your options and various strategies. We also assist in intellectual property litigation, cease desist, and internet defamation. The firm has a good success rate in resolving litigation matters in an amicable manner for our clients located in San Francisco bay area, and beyond in California.

Use Our Free Patent Application Generator To Reduce Your Legal Bills

To save on your legal fee we invite you to use our free patent application generator created and developed by our software patent attorney, Rohit Chhabra. Doing so as the first step before contacting us to draft your applications can be advantages and reducing your overall legal costs. Since our application generator encourages one to draft a a detailed application by providing pointers and guidance, you can draft take advantage of the system and ask us to work with your self generated applications. Thus, our system helps inventors do the "heavy lifting" themselves which can significantly reduce legal fees.

Serving Both Domestic and International Clients: San Francisco Bay Area and Beyond

We offer our services to clients in every U.S. state, including, California, Colorado, Minnesota, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Florida, Texas, and Virginia. We also cater to our international clients located in Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy, Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Canada, Australia and Israel. As far as our Northern California clients go, we cater to clients in almost every city in the bay area, including, Daly city, South city, Menlo Park, Foster City, Redwood city, Palo Alto, Oakland, Hayward, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Santa Clara, Fremont, Pleasanton, Union City, San Jose, Campbell, and surrounding areas.

As lawyers dedicated to protect your rights, we operate based on very competitive and affordable flat/fixed fee basis that includes flexible fee arrangements -- flat fee or hourly options.


I have worked with several of the large IP firms including Harness Dickey and Schwegman. I can assure you Chhabra’s IP firm equals and at times exceeded the quality delivered by large firms. In Silicon Valley, a timely investment in IP is always a wise decision. I consider this money extremely well spent and look forward to their representation in the future.

Reviewer: Ranga Rayudu

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