323.01(b) Typographical Errors in Recorded Assignment Document [R-08.2012]

If there is an error in the recorded assignment document (or other document affecting title) rather than in the cover sheet, the party responsible for an erroneous document (e.g., the assignor) must either create and record a new document or make corrections to the original document and re-record it. If an assignor is not available to correct an original document or execute a new one, the assignee may submit an affidavit or declaration in which the assignee identifies the error and requests correction. The affidavit or declaration must be accompanied by a copy of the originally recorded papers, a cover sheet, and the required fee for each application or patent to be corrected (37 CFR 3.41). See In re Abacab International Computers Ltd., 21 USPQ2d 1078 (Comm’r Pat. 1987).