323 Procedures for Correcting Errors in Recorded Assignment Document [R-08.2012]

An error in a recorded assignment document will be corrected by Assignment Division provided a “corrective document” is submitted. The “corrective document” must include the following:

  • (A) A copy of the original assignment document with the corrections made therein. The corrections must be initialed and dated by the party conveying the interest; and
  • (B) A new Recordation Form Cover Sheet (form PTO-1595) (See MPEP § 302.07).

The new recordation form cover sheet must identify the submission as a “corrective document” submission and indicate the reel and frame number where the incorrectly recorded assignment document appears. The original cover sheet should be submitted with the corrective document. The corrective document will be recorded and given a new reel and frame number and recording date. The recording fee set forth in 37 CFR 1.21(h) is required for each patent application and patent against which the corrective document is being recorded. See MPEP § 302.06.

Corrections may be made on the original assignment document, for example, by lining out an incorrect patent or application number in a merger or change of name (see MPEP § 314).

Office policy regarding recordation of assignment documents is directed toward maintaining a complete history of claimed interests in property and, therefore, recorded assignment documents will not be expunged even if subsequently found to be invalid. See In re Ratny, 24 USPQ2d 1713 (Comm’r Pat. 1992). Once a document is recorded with the Assignment Services Division, the Assignment Services Division will not remove the papers from the record relating to that application or patent. See MPEP § 323.01(d).