707.07(i) Each Claim To Be Mentioned in Each Office Action [R-11.2013]

In every Office action, each pending claim should be mentioned by number, and its treatment or status given. Since a claim retains its original numeral throughout the prosecution of the application, its history through successive actions is thus easily traceable. Each action should include a summary of the status of all claims presented for examination. Form PTO-326 “Office Action Summary” should be used.

Claims retained after a restriction requirement (37 CFR 1.142) or election of species requirement (37 CFR 1.146) should be treated as set out in MPEP §§ 821 to 821.04(b).

See MPEP Chapter 2300 for treatment of claims in the application of losing party in interference.

The Index of Claims should be kept up to date as set forth in MPEP § 719.04.