719.01 Papers in Image File Wrapper [R-11.2013]

Papers that do not become a permanent part of the record should not be entered as a paper in the image file wrapper. No paper legally entered in the image file wrapper should ever be withdrawn or expunged from the application file, especially a part of the original disclosure of the application, without special authority of the Director. However, 37 CFR 1.59 provides that certain documents may be expunged if they were unintentionally submitted or contain proprietary information which has not been made public and is not important to a decision of patentability. See MPEP § 724. Form paragraph 7.214 may be used to notify applicant that papers in an application that has received a filing date ordinarily will not be returned.

¶ 7.214 Papers Not Returned, Pro Se

Papers in an application that has received a filing date pursuant to 37 CFR 1.53 ordinarily will not be returned. If applicant has not preserved copies of the papers, the Office will furnish copies at applicant’s expense. See 37 CFR 1.19 for a list of the current fees. See MPEP § 724.05 for information pertaining to petitions to expunge information.