901.06(c) Alien Property Custodian Publications [R-07.2015]

Applications vested in the Alien Property Custodian during World War II were published in 1943 even though they had not become patents.

Care must be taken not to refer to these publications as patents; they should be designated as A.P.C. published applications.

An A.P.C. published application may be used by the examiner as a basis for rejection only as a printed publication effective from the date of publication, which is printed on each copy.

The manner of citing one of these publications is as follows: A.P.C. Application of …………, Ser. No. …………, Published …………

The Patent Search Room contains a complete set of A.P.C. published applications arranged numerically in bound volumes. The U.S. A.P.C. bib data is located on the following database (2964 total): http://db.library.queensu.ca/apcdocuments/.