902.03(e) Automated Search Tools: EAST, WEST, and SEARCH [R-07.2022]

The automated search tools on examiners’ desktop computers include the Examiner’s Automated Search Tool (EAST), the Web-Based Examiner Search Tool (WEST), the Patents End-to-End Search tool (SEARCH) and the Foreign Patent Access System (FPAS). EAST, WEST, and SEARCH provide examiners with access to the: (A) full text of U.S. published applications since 2001; (B) full text of U.S. patents granted since 1970; and (C) optically scanned full text of U.S. patents granted 1920-1970. Additionally, EAST, WEST, and SEARCH each provide current classification information and images for all U.S. published applications and patents. Images are available for foreign patent documents, and English language abstracts are available for many foreign patent documents published since 1978 using the automated search tools. Specific instructions for gaining access to the various documents available using the automated search tools can be found on the EAST, WEST, SEARCH and BRS Search Strategy webpages on the intranet, available on the examiners’ desktop computers.

The EAST and WEST products are also available to users in the Patent Search Room at the USPTO.